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Care & Maintenance

Hygiene and Hardwood

Discover more about the health benefits of using a Hardwood Cutting Board

Care & Maintenance. Bacteria is everywhere and anti-bacterial products are sought after widely. Hardwood timber has always proven to be the most hygienic material for a cutting board. Wood has several advantages over other types of materials used in cutting boards and is somewhat self healing; shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own. Wood also has natural antiseptic properties.



So why choose a hardwood cutting board?

  • They are knife friendly
  • They have antibacterial properties
  • Easy to clean and keep hygienically clean
  • If looked after properly, they will last for years.


Hardwoods with tightly grained wood and small pores are best for wooden cutting boards. Good hardness and tight grain helps reduce scoring of the cutting surface and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface.


That is why The Cutting Board Company only uses quality, durable Australian Hardwoods.

Care & Maintenance
Care & Maintenance
Care & Maintenance
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