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My Market Kitchen

Market Kitchen

My Market Kitchen

We’re thrilled to sponsor Network 10’s afternoon cooking show, My Market Kitchen, again this year and have had so many emails and phone calls from viewers inquiring about the large wooden chopping board featured in the studio kitchen.

It’s custom made in beautiful Australian Blackbutt timber and measures 800x500x40mm. Definitely one of our favourite made-to-order products!

They’re great  to use for food prep if you have room on your kitchen bench top as they come with rubber feet attached to the base to ensure they’re easy to lift and remain stable while you’re chopping, slicing and dicing.

One of the things we love about My Market Kitchen is the way the team showcases premium quality Australian produce- as well as the wonderful smorgasbord of ingredients available at Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market.

It’s so wonderful to see all that fresh, locally grown produce being prepared on our ‘Australian Made’, Australian hardwood chopping boards!

My Market Kitchen Series 3 is hosted  by Lynton Tapp and Emma Dean and is currently screening on Channel 10, Monday-Friday at 3.30pm J

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